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Issuing Valid Demands

Issuing demands for service charge and ground rent can be a complicated matter as residential tenants are protected by a raft of legislation imposing obligations on landlords and managing agents.

If the obligations are not observed and the demand is issued incorrectly, this will render the service charge or ground rent not payable until the demand is sent correctly. This can cause unnecessary delays, impact on credit control and lead to further problems with enforceability.

We offer a service to review and advise on any necessary changes to your standard demands:

Issues to consider include:

  • Whether demands must be in writing, whether email is sufficient
  • The landlord’s name and address
  • The correct prescribed Summary of Tenants Rights and Obligations
  • The wording of the lease as to service of the demand

There has been caselaw on a multitude of issues relating to all aspects of service. We can help review your standard demands to ensure you don’t fall foul of a technicality or can assist if a Tenant raises issues about validity in response to demands.


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