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Eviction ban extended again

The eviction ban has again been extended and is now set to last until May 31st for residential evictions.
During this time, evictions can only take place during the most serious circumstances and landlords are required to give six months’ notice to tenants. The extension aims to protect renters during turbulent times, although has faced criticism from landlords and housing campaigners for potentially just delaying a crisis.

What are the exceptions to the ban?

The stay on eviction proceedings aims to protect renters from homelessness during the pandemic; however there are still some situations where evictions are deemed to be acceptable.
An eviction notice can be served where rent arrears exceed the value of six months’ rent. Overdue rent payments accrued during the pandemic is included in this and where at least six months’ of rent is unpaid, a minimum four week notice period is required as opposed to the six month notice period for rent arrears of less than six months’ rent value.

Evictions can also take place is tenants are displaying antisocial behaviour or committing domestic violence in the property.

The courts continue to encourage parties to work together and where possible, make arrangements outside of the court such as payment plans or mediation.

Speak to an expert

The ban on commercial evictions has also been extended until June 30th. It is strongly advised that you seek specialist advice before taking any steps. Get in touch with our team today if you’d like any further information.

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