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Court fees to increase

Earlier this year, the Government launched a consultation on ‘Increasing selected court fees and Help with fees income thresholds by inflation” which investigated the opinions of a number of sectors as to the appropriateness of the current charges to understand if they had kept pace with inflation and inherent costs.

There was significant objection to the cost increases, many citing it was too soon after the pandemic crisis to impose such increases, and even a number of respondents who agreed with the concept of inflationary increases nevertheless noted that now, during the pandemic, may not be the right time to implement these changes. Notwithstanding these responses, the Government has decided to press ahead with the fee increases, saying: “…there is strong justification…”.

What does this mean for you?

The proposed increases come into effect on 30 September 2021 and will include a number of court fees. For example, the Application Fees for Attachment of Earnings Orders, Charging Orders and Third Party Debt Orders will be rising to £119.00, and the fee for issuing a £2,000 debt claim will rise from £170 to £180. A full list of all the current court fees and their recommended increases in the report can be seen in full

The Ministry of Justice has acknowledged that Covid-19 has had an impact not only on individuals but also businesses, but has stated this would be offset by proposed extended thresholds for offering help with fees for those on low income,

For further information in respect of the increase to Court fees, please do not hesitate to contact our Mrs Lakhvir Bassi on 0333 0 300 200 and/or email

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