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Covid 19: How SLC Solicitors can help you navigate the crisis.

It may appear that there is currently nothing else being discussed in the media as the pandemic spreads and advice on hand washing is being shared, and hopefully followed, far and wide.

At SLC Solicitors we have a robust contingency plan in place allowing all of our legal experts to work remotely within a secure data environment. This enables us to continue to offer you the same excellent level of service and support for the new challenges you, as Property Landlords and Managers, are likely to face in the coming months.

Lease Advice  

  • Is a “deep clean” permissible as a service charge cost ?
  • Are you in breach of repair covenants if you cancel routine maintenance in favour of an emergency response only?
  • Can you rely on force majeure or frustration of contract?
  • Can you charge for following Health & safety legislation?

Debt Recovery

We treat all leaseholders with respect and empathy and have a specific process to follow where we identify a debtor as vulnerable to ensure they are not placed at a disadvantage. This is likely to be a challenging time given the effect the pandemic is likely to have on their personal situations and finances.


Prior to this crisis,  MPs had discussed tenants being charged excessive legal fees in Parliament resulting in adverse publicity for Landlords and Property Managers already facing criticism for the leasehold house scandal and scrutiny in relation to estate rentcharges.

Our legal costs are completely transparent and available on our website. We have a clear and concise fee structure to offer you peace of mind and protect you from the reputational damage of an accusation of exploitation.

Employment support

As part of the wider Metamorph Group of Companies we can direct you to Employment law experts for assistance with putting policies in place for business continuation, contractual issues arising from sick pay, working from home and the HMRC’s Furlough Scheme recently introduced to assist businesses during the unique and difficult circumstances we find ourselves in globally.

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