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Commercial Debt Recovery

In business it is always good commercial practice to ensure you operate an effective credit control system.

Without such procedures in place, you are at risk of suffering a difficult trading period with poor cashflow and subsequently reduced profitability.

At SLC Solicitors we are committed to helping you avoid counting the cost of bad debts.

To minimise the impact of late payment on your business, you should always adhere strictly to your terms of payment however legitimate the excuse or reason from your debtor may sound. We would always advise our clients to ensure they chase payment deadlines promptly. Your customers expect you to deliver goods or services by the agreed deadline and it is vital that they understand you expect them to make payment promptly and by the agreed deadline at all times.

However strict your credit control may be, there will always be occasions when a customer fails to make prompt payment. We understand the frustrations you may feel when this does happen, we are debt recovery experts and we can take the burden of chasing your customer on your behalf. We will discuss the issues with you and agree the terms for us to recover the debts on your behalf; in many cases it only takes a telephone call or letter from us to remind your customer that payment is overdue.


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